North Carolina Cotton: Lygus Pressure Ramping Up

Here’s a snapshot of the current cotton situation in Hyde county:

  • Plant bug pressure is heavy, a lot of acres will be treated this week with either Centric or Bidrin depending on where the crop is in maturity and the level of stinkbug pressure
  • Some fields that were treated for plant bugs last week are being retreated this week, the majority of these fields are surrounded by corn
  • Some acres are being treated for stinkbugs, we are finding boll damage ranging from 20-40% on cotton that’s in the second to fourth week of bloom
  • Pix applications continue to go out at high rates (16 oz/a), 1-2 more applications should be expected on most acres
  • Cloudy weather and/or hot temps last week caused significant square shed
  • No acres have been treated for aphids this season, hotspots have been managed by beneficials




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