Beryl Leaves 3-8 Inches of Rain In Eastern N.C.

Soybean field after Beryl


Beryl left 3-8 inches of rain in Eastern N.C. yesterday. A lot of water has already drained back in to creeks over night while some fields still look like the one above. Areas that received 8 inches of rain were just starting to dry out from the previous 8 inches in the last two weeks. Unless thrips are good swimmers, I doubt you could find one in a cotton field right now.

Wind damage is present in some corn fields (crop ranges from V3-V7) but I think the crop is young enough in most areas that it can recover. Ultimately, this depends on how long soils remain saturated,  and any future wind and rain events. It is hard for the crop to recover at later stages of growth. The following link discusses this more:


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