Busy wheat season….

We experienced a few cold snaps in the last 10 days. So far, I’ve seen little sign of bleached heads and reproductive structures look healthy. It still may be a little early to say we didn’t incur some damage. I’ll be looking at more fields Monday. Earlier this week, canopy temperatures fell below 30 in some areas yet remained in the high 30’s on other farms. Most fields are beyond Feeke’s 10.5 are subject to severe yield loss if temps drop below 30. Check out this link for freeze damage to wheat:


Leaf rust has slowly moved to the middle of Hyde county. More acres were treated this week on the south side of Lake Mattamuskeet.

The Penn State head scab model is still showing a low risk level for Hyde County. I have not  observed any damage to date. The ten day forecast for our area is showing a slight chance of rain later in the week, so I wouldn’t say we are done with treatments.

I did find one hot spot for cereal leaf beetle damage (threshhold met) last week in a neighboring county.



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